i see love

a collection of love poems by c.s. grit

from petals, thorns, and lessons; love blooms, hurts and teaches.

whether you’ve won or lost at love, you have at least learned from it and are all the better for it. i wrote this book to remind us of our potential – to invigorate all souls who’ve been tainted by the pain of love – and for ultimately, all those who read my words to see past those words and know that they themselves can be the key to another’s happiness.

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petals | love blooms

every second with you

it’s now plain to me
that every second with you
is worth fighting for.


i am who i am,
only because of your grace,
gift and your glory.

the day there was you

the day there was you,
i found myself unable
to imagine more.

thorns | love hurts


i fell hard for you,
when i saw you were the one
i’d be undone by.

wind and time

i drew our names within a heart in the sand today,
and then sat and watched for hours
as bits of it became devoured
by the pressure of wind and time;
leading me to more readily understand,
that i should have been there more to hold your hand,
even when our love began to slip and burn less brightly;
i should have rekindled our love nightly;
but we drifted apart instead,
as i now see the void between us in my head,
respecting its vastness,
but knowing that my happiness was,
is and always will be only with you.

storm shadow

when we first met,
you rolled up on me and i into you,
falling so hard
that i now barely recognize the pieces of my heart
that i must now pick up.

lessons | love teaches

waiting to be yours

hope is finding love
caught in an elevator,
waiting to be yours.


love can be empty
when it’s not a two-way street,
and drive means nothing.

love is a box

love is not a base we can use to form all else;
it’s not the sides nor the top of our reality
that we can ever aspire to touch;
but rather,
it’s the box in which we can hope
to find ourselves within,
so that we may begin to fill it
with all that we owe it.

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