again begin to grin

it’s easier to fall in but harder to push out; i think it’s the test we’re here to face; depression is not bravery or ferocity but rather lying in bed when instead you could be ahead but you don’t care; i’ve been there, it’s not fun, and has undone a lot of steps i’ve taken … Continue reading again begin to grin


wisdom from a dog

i sat down today, next to a dog who was at peace. and as he or she wagged their tail, breathed in and out, i could tell they were somehow wiser than me. which made me believe, that i’m either less wise than a dog, or i’m making this shit far too complicated.


sitting beside a public pool with my family; the water swaying, kids playing, seemed almost zen to me today. as all dark and cold patches of my mind, slowly evaporated into a balance, that i know somehow stemmed from simple gratitude.

at three

all lights i see at three, twinkle, but with a sadness; there’s a happy ever after that somehow missed them; and whether they’re incapable or unwilling to accept or tame their reality, they somehow do see this, but are unable to get closer to what they know can save them.


assumptions are a tricky thing. once put together, they’re like a brick of glue - very difficult to pull apart. all feelings, especially the bad ones, are built on assumption. but we have no guaranteed clue that we’re right in assuming what we feel. so relax and work and hope and learn to cope, because … Continue reading brick