Ten Truths

Below are ten truths – ten beliefs – from family members of mine who are older and smarter than me.

1. Knowing oneself is priority #1 – that is, being brutally honest about one’s strengths and limitations. Coupled with that, you need to be able to trust yourself the most in life as many, including friends and family, will fail you.
2. Physical fitness is inextricably linked with emotional, mental and spiritual fitness.
3. Respect from others has to be earned by setting high standards of personal and professional conduct; it begins with self-respect.
4. Listening (and thereby understanding) is the most important communication skill; speaking and writing are complementary skills.
5. Those who employ you, want as much from you as they can get. At the same time, they stubbornly refuse to part with the almighty dollar. You have to get along to go along, but you also have to surprise and inspire them to get their true attention and respect.
6. Helping others in need is far more satisfying in the long run than focussing on oneself.
7. Friends mostly will take but few give in return. Expect this, but still give back more than you may receive.
8. The best way to support your children and grandchildren is to encourage them to ‘fly on their own’ knowing that you’ll always ‘have their back’.
9. Be wary of any belief system that fosters fear – this includes religion.
10. True love is elusive; it is a delicate dance of varying degrees of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical relationships. You’ll know it when you find it.


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