bottom up

in our lives, there are those we feel are stronger than we are. but those we feel are stronger are not gods, they’re humans; with needs and faults and bad habits. but what if the only people we helped were those we felt were stronger than us? what would that then make us?

now placing this thought into the utmost darkest of realities – to those on hard luck – to those on the streets not knowing where their next meal is coming from; how can i say these words knowing there are people that most of us go out of our way to not be close to? how can these people, who are at the bottom be helped? the answer is by helping those who are stronger than they are; by helping those who are living one step, one day, one month, one year ahead of them; and in helping those stronger people, they’ll become stronger. but how in the hell do we get those at the bottom to see that by helping those above them, they’ll actually help themselves? by playing the long game, by instilling these virtues and ideas into our families, so that these ideas may take hold and inspire others in time.

top down doesn’t work in my opinion, but bottom up does. think about family; what is it? it’s a group working together to further themselves. there’s those at the top – the parents and then the kids; starting from the oldest to the youngest. if the onus of the youngest was to help those older, wouldn’t that instill in them a sense of purpose or pride that they wouldn’t ordinarily have at their age? wouldn’t taking hand me downs from their older siblings and not seeing it as a big deal because it enables the family unit to better afford to survive be a positive if they saw it as such? and wouldn’t the youngest family member, being exposed to this, being taught this, understanding this, and then accepting this, better enable their family to be stronger and fight harder and make smarter decisions?

enabling anyone is wrong and counterproductive to being stronger. i admire parents who don’t let their kids win – who don’t delude anyone younger around them into believing they can win when they can’t. in the end, fostering a fantasy is futile and a mistake – a mistake we can’t afford if we wan’t to become stronger and better as individuals, family members, and souls who are apart of a life we’re lucky to exist within; which expects nothing of us yet gives us all the room we could ever imagine to be more.


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