steps to happiness

* if you work through fear,
you can get to possibility,
but it takes belief; that’s the first step.

** the second step,
is sidestepping what doesn’t matter to you.

*** the third step is focussing on what you’re good at,
whatever that may be,
and making that your purpose.

**** the forth, and final step,
is working to mould your purpose into art,
and that requires being remarkable;
do that, and you’ll be happy.

* most people don’t get past this. don’t underestimate it, and realize that this step is never over.

** this requires restraint, self-awareness, and ultimately not giving a damn what others think.

*** in this step, you’ve accepted who you are, and you’re willing to work with what you have and what you want.

**** forget likes or follows and rather concentrate on shares and comments; are people talking about you – that’s the question.



  1. work through fear and possibilities are endless because what are you afraid of then? Behind that one word Fear may lie many emotions, memories, trauma, core beliefs that must be unburdened and replaced with new core beliefs for that fear to release. Just my thoughts

    1. good thoughts! i’m proud of you for doing what you do and for putting out what you don’t have to. i like your post ‘i matter in this world’ especially the graphic – would be very motivational on instagram. don’t stop – we’re all the better hearing/reading your thoughts. 🙂

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