Serious Days

Serious days;
I once gave up my ways
for a while;
good-bye smile.

Hello new frontier,
I was somewhat glad you were here,
but I didn’t know if I liked you
or if you even had a clue.

I wanted to build a nest
where I could confess
on your terrain;
needed to clear my brain.

But the swirls down in my core
kept pounding on your door,
reminding me of my chance
to simply give up my stance.

And it was less fun here,
hardened edges were always near,
I didn’t know when if I was going to run,
back to my old to be undone.

For I was torn inside
and although happy to hide,
my heart needed mending,
too much past too little tending.

So I agreed to stay here that day,
I promised you that as I laid
on my bed of doubt,
as I went without.

For a while until I turned my back
on all this for my smile;
went against my soul and senses
and went back to breaking fences.

But deep down
I still had my frown,
but it seemed lost in my haze
as I was back to my old ways.

Until it dawned on me
that I should really be here,
in this serious place,
where at least I can walk with some grace.