between here and there

there’s a step between here and there; a chance to heal, and learn and care; a moment that for some time, seems to last forever, a rare glimpse towards what could be forever; but mostly, it’s kind and forgiving; a hard yet soft step towards a new beginning, as a new day dawns, that cannot … Continue reading between here and there


i am not a copy

i am not a copy; the thoughts that scare and dare me should be all that i pursue, in order for me to prove that i am not a type, but rather a character and card, who is willing to discard all that has come before me.


when hope starts it shines first within the darkest corner of our heart, as we see where and what may be begin to bind and form into hardening pools at our feet within our mind; but those pools are but fluff and not nearly enough, as without feverish and further action they’re but a blight … Continue reading match

hope flanks

small steps tend to meet humble passages; great expectations may dawn, yet too often spawn a hesitation that only dims its light; but with a constant fight, hope can flank an unexpected might, but only if it is willing to die for its truth.

before you

all dreams and fears appear all too real at the time; but it takes work, through rain and through shine, to make them lurk and then unwind, either happily or sadly before you.

the truest words

the truest words you’ll ever hear, will be heard when you’re gone. they’ll be belt out like a song, amidst those who you hopefully once revered, as you agree to cope and to float within whatever mercy they feel awaits you.


if i had to learn to fly today, i would wonder why i never tried until now, even though i know i don’t have wings. i would stare at the sunrise and wish it to bring me air behind my back and a rush beneath my breast, and relish this test to surpass my meagre … Continue reading wings

held within

love is a gift and an ownership we’re sometimes lucky enough to be held within. it’s a maze and craze that cannot help but dive and drive us towards a better understanding of our worth.

the hardest sound

the hardest sound to hear is that of truth when we don’t want to hear it; it shatters the soul, but can make us whole, as it works to define and unwind all lost sorrows we perhaps once allowed to deceive, yet hopefully now can see and believe, were merely a choice.


i’ll never leave you, as being without you can’t become my new norm, for if it did, it would feel like a storm, raining shards of glass down upon our past, and working its way through our highs and our lows, to remind me that at least when i was with you, you were happy, … Continue reading shards